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Have you lost a loved one to suicide? We offer various groups for support, dependent on relationship type. Please look for the appropriate group.

Our Group Offerings

Hope After Suicide Loss-Child Loss


Hope After Suicide Loss-Parent Loss


Hope After Suicide Loss-Sibling Loss


Hope After Suicide Loss-Spouse/Partner Loss


Hope After Suicide Loss-Friends and Other Family Members


Facebook Group Rules


These groups have been formed for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. 

You will be contacted by an administrator to verify your loss before you can be added. This is to keep our groups safe and secure. Please understand that there are people out there who would prey on our grief and we want to protect you.

Anything you share in here cannot be seen by anyone except for those in the group. We do not allow sharing posts outside of the group. We do this to protect each member’s privacy. Please do not share members information outside of group without their permission. You are allowed to save and share images, memes and the like that are public domain on your personal profiles. The security settings of a closed group make traditional sharing impossible anyway. Personal thoughts should ONLY be shared after getting permission from the individual member, and should have identifying information removed if at all possible.

We are a peer based volunteer group. We wish to keep our group peaceful, safe and loving where support can be offered. Should you have a negative interaction with another member, please contact one of the lead administrators and give them time to handle it. We take every complaint seriously and will address it but we need to be given time to handle it correctly. 

Your administrators volunteer their time. Hatefulness toward them will not be tolerated. We ask that you not bash or keep arguing with an admin in a post in group. If there is an issue please PM us instead and we would be more than willing to talk to you. We also ask that you not post any hateful or aggressive comments towards other members. We are each at different phases in grief and each need support. If there is something you do not agree with please keep scrolling. We wish for this to be a safe place for all to express their feelings and to be supported. If the administrators see anything hateful or aggressive, we will remove the post or the comment without warning.

If you see a post that you do not agree with such as religious beliefs, sexual orientation etc... please keep scrolling. We welcome all here. One exception: we do not allow overly offensive words. Please consider the fact that we are a diverse group from many different backgrounds and in many different stages of grief. If you use language deemed inappropriate by an admin, you will be asked to edit your post. Should you refuse to do so your post will be deleted.

If you see something offensive besides mentioned above, please reach out to an administrator. We truly do want to keep this group safe for all. 

NO GRAPHIC DETAILS AT ALL. It is okay to discuss the means but please keep the graphic details to a minimum as they can be detrimental to others. We ask that you not post any pictures of your loved one post-death. This is for the safety of all. When sharing details that may be difficult for some members, we ask that you place a ***CONTENT WARNING*** at the beginning.

We do not allow selling of items within our group.

We ask that you not post any GoFundMe links or others of the like in this group. We also will not be allowing any fund raisers for the suicide prevention walks, though you may indicate that you are participating in these types of activities and have links on your own profile that members may donate through, should they desire to do so.

We ask that should you think our group would be helpful to someone that you reach out to them and have them personally ask to join. If you yourself add them, it will be AUTOMATICALLY DELETED, no exceptions!, as people who are not asking to join themselves are becoming very hateful with us. People added in this manner are also less likely to see the messages sent directly to them and are sometimes concerned about how they were found. Because privacy is of utmost concern, we also cannot indicate to them the member that added them.

We have to have some rules because of the size of the group and the different personalities and different phases of grief of everyone in here. We recognize that this does make it difficult to not have emotional and even visceral responses to things that are shared. If you are concerned about a post, please let your lead admins know. We also lovingly ask that you take the time to indulge in self care whenever necessary, in whatever way that means for you, even if it’s taking a step back from group occasionally.

We are a peer to peer support group. We are not professionals. If you are in a crisis please call 911. If you post inside our group that you are in a crisis, we will do what we need to do to get you help. You matter and we care. We may even call the police for a wellness check on you as we want to help you survive. We truly want to offer you the support and resources you need to survive. 

Thank you, Jenny, Kellie, Tammy and Tara 

Your Lead Admin Team